Time for a reorientation.

Your inner light shows you the way.

Time to look inward.

The journey of your life leads you into your inner realm.

La Lindbladh Life Coaching


We live in turbulent times. Your anchor in you is self-love.

La Lindbladh Life Coaching


Let go of the old to make room for the new.

La Lindbladh Life Coaching

Earth power

You will find stability and security inside yourself.

La Lindbladh's consultations have often helped me master difficult situations. La has an excellent perception and a variety of techniques that she uses based on the specific question at hand, so that each consultation is one of a kind and deep. What I particularly appreciate: La “walks the talk” she gives her clients – she embodies joy and ease.
Sarine Referenz
Sarine Turhede
Feng Shui Consultant

Do you feel a longing and don't know where you want to go?

Book a free 30 to 45 minute call with me.

Clarity Retreat

A day to clear your mind and recharge your batteries

In the silence of nature you can cleanse your mind, gain clarity and become aware of what your next steps will look like.

Clarity Retreat

Clarity Retreat for 1 person

This individual one to one retreat is only for you. You give yourself a break from your everyday life. Experience a nourishing day for all senses.

La Lindbladh Coaching Entscheidung Klarheit Leichtigkeit

Clarity retreat in a group

Participate in the retreat with two to four people is right for you if you want to share the day's experiences with other people.

La Lindbladh Coaching Entscheidung Klarheit Leichtigkeit

Clarity retreat for a private group

You treat yourself to a day that connects you deeper with your inner world and share your experiences with people you love.

Current courses

Clarity Retreats in a group

Shinrin Yoku courses

The easiest way to be happy is to let nature help you. I will show you how to relax easily with the help of Shinrin-Yoku. Shinrin Yoku is part of health care in Japan and is known to us as “forest bathing”. It literally means ”bathing in the atmosphere of a forest”.

La Lindbladh Waldbaden

Current forest bathing courses

You bathe in nature with all your senses and fill yourself with peace and energy.

Waldbaden Shinrin Yoku Lindbladh

Forest bathing groups for companies, clubs and school staff

Shared happiness is double happiness. You will experience the healing effects of nature on body and mind.

Current courses

Forest bathing for individuals


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