Shinrin Yoku: Bathing in the forest!

Shinrin Yoku courses

The easiest way to be happy is to let nature help you. I will show you how to relax easily with the help of Shinrin-Yoku. Shinrin Yoku is part of health care in Japan and is known to us as “forest bathing”. It literally means ”bathing in the atmosphere of a forest”.

I’m giving Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing courses in Swedish and on request in German language. 

If you like to spend time with me in my Swedish paradise and experience a deeper contact with nature you’re welcome to book the Clarity Retreat or the Stressfree consultation. 

Forest bathing with La is wonderful, she has a great love for nature and infects everyone nearby. La has a very sensitive and gentle way of leading everyone in the forest bathing course. You feel safe and relaxed. She selects fantastic places in the forest. I recommend everyone to try forest bathing with the lovely La.
Referenz Lisa Skånberg
Lisa Skånberg
occupational therapist