What I appreciate about your leadership quality is your clarity - without a lot of frills, simply and with high accuracy for the core of the problem. You lead with love and a deep wisdom into which you can let yourself fall deeply. Healing happens simply and easily, even on difficult issues.
Camina Hupfauer Referenz
Camina Hupfauer
Spiritual teacher


A gentle transformation through the power of love.

I will lead you on a path that I have already walked – deep into your self-love, to your source. With my help you will walk the path of self-love in a few weeks. In order to let your transformation happen easily and gently, I accompany you intensively with healing techniques, energy work and body mudras.


How do you benefit from love-transformation?

  • You will find answers to your questions: What do I want? What makes me happy? What do I need to be satisfied with myself and my life?

  • You feel your needs and fulfill your wishes. You no longer lack things, love or closeness.

  • You trust yourself and your discernment. You know what is good for you and this makes you independent of the opinion of others.

  • Your inner voice and your intuition will show you the right way. They make your life easier and less complicated. Stress leaves you.

  • You learn how to grow inside and how to use your qualities for your daily life.

  • You experience serenity, to rest in your midst and to concentrate on the essentials.

  • You connect daily with your inner source and your love and become freer, easier and happier.

  • The power of love wins in your life. You let your inner light guide you instead of fear, doubt and worries. Your relationships with your partner, family, and friends become more loving.

This is what the 6 sessions of your love transformation looks like:

1. Strengthen your self-love

You are the love of your life. You are no longer looking for love. You are love, you receive love and you give love.

2. Cleansing, reorientation

Where does your path lead you without the legacies of your past?

3. Realignment, centering on the essentials

You rest in yourself by finding your inner center.

4. Your strength and your qualities

Your inner light nourishes and guides you.

5. Joy and ease

I will give you a wellness treatment with crystalline light that clears and nourishes you.

6. Your next steps

Where does your path lead you? What gifts are waiting for you? We balance the ability of giving and receiving.


Where? We’ll meet online with a video call in a secure online room (Zoom)

How long? Each of the 6 sessions lasts 90 minutes. The sessions take place at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks. 

When? You book your first appointment in the calendar and you will then receive a link to book further appointments.

How much? Your love-transformation investment is 3500 euros 

Would you like to get to know me first?

Are you wondering if the love transformation is the next step on your way? 

Do you feel a longing and don’t know where you want to go?

You can book a free conversation with me here. Duration is around 30 to 45 minutes.

The journey to my inner place of ease was a wonderful experience. I liked the interaction with La during the trip - despite the virtual session, I felt closely accompanied. In the end I didn't want to leave my soul landscape at all!
Tizia Macia Referenz Coaching Leichtigkeit
Tizia Macia

Questions & Answers

most frequently asked questions

You can prepare yourself by creating a cozy place where you can sit comfortably and mybe lie down. Some people find it easier to participate in an inner journey / guided meditation while sitting, and others kan relax and concentrate better when lying down. Please have some water ready. If you want, you can make yourself comfortable with candels. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe and are not disturbed.

I accompany you closely during your love transformation. I am connected with you heart to heart and support you even during the time we don’t have personal contact. With my help you will walk the path of self-love in a few weeks. A journey that usually takes years. In order to let your transformation happen easily and gently, 

Each session has its own topic, but the process is the same. We start with a conversation and a centering technique. The main part consists of energy work and guided meditation. I will guide you gently through all obstacles until you are completely nourished with the quality with which we work. Finally, we will look at which technique / exercise / mudra supports you in a simple and easy way to stay centered and to integrate the experience into your everyday life. You can reach me at any time via email and messenger if you have any questions or need support. I look forward to working with you. All the best, La

My energy work goes deep. You will feel that your cells are being charged with energy and you may even feel them vibrate. This usually takes some time to integrate. Feel free to take time for yourself after the session. At least 15 minutes, if possible half an hour or more. You may have the need to rest and be in silence. Maybe you are inspired and want to write or express yourself creatively. Or you may want to take a walk to integrate what you have experienced.

I use Zoom for the video call. All you need is god internet access. You will receive the login data to our meeting room via email. You activate the link 5 minutes before the start of the session. Clicking the link will automatically download the Zoom application software. User account is not needed. You will then be in a waiting room and will invite you in at the appointed time.

You write me an email. I will answer you as soon as possible within 1 to 3 working days.

General Questions

You pay online with your credit card or you choose the option Invoice.

In the confirmation email of your booking you will find a link to your appointment overview. If you want to rebook, you can do so here: Go to the overview of the event or date, right click on “reschedule” and choose a new free date. Please note the cancellation deadline of 24 hours.

You cancel or rebook up to 24 hours before the scheduled date. To do this, click on the link in the confirmation email, select the event or your booking and click on ’Cancel’ on the right. Your cancellation will be confirmed by email. 

If you have technical difficulties send a email to info@lalindbladh.com

Please write me an email. You will get an answer within 1 to 3 working days.