La has a great love for nature and infects everyone nearby. She has a very sensitive and gentle way of leading everyone. You feel safe and relaxed.
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Lisa Skånberg

What's the purpose of my life?

From my teenage years and on I was eager to find out the meaning of life and why I am here on earth. My spiritual journey started when I was 21 with a session to heal family constellations which came out of balance in my grandfather’s days by him living through the Second World War. By changing our family constellation from within, an issue I had with my dad solved itself as a side effect. I was impressed by how effectively parts of my life changed by giving up old patterns and belief systems. I was touched and astonished by the power of inner work. That made the deal. I continued my spiritual journey. Becoming part of a womens’ circle taught me the power and beauty of people coming together for their own wellbeing and for a higher good.

              I fell in love with myself.

In 2005 I attended a transformational seminar called “The Path into Light” which helped me understand my life purpose. I am here to free myself and to help others to do the same. 

It took another 2 years to use the power of self love to free myself from a destructive relationship. I made the decision to change myself from within by practicing self love every day in order to create a happy, fulfilled life for myself. And so I did. The transformation was so great that I had the strength to go from one life to another.

How come I live in Sweden?

I decided to ask my spiritual teacher to tell me where my so-called power place is. It is the place which has all the qualities and energies to bring out the best in me. She told me that “my home on earth” is Gothenburg, Sweden. I was afraid to move but I did it anyway. I packed my bags, trying to grasp as much Swedish as possible on my way. Within a year I moved to Gothenburg and settled in just fine. 

My path to happiness

I now live a life where all the positive qualities I have allowed myself to develop on the inside, have become manifest in the outside world. 5 years ago I met my husband at a romantic midsummer celebration. Together we created the life we both longed for. To live in a house with a big garden surrounded by nature. We are happy together because we both know that happiness is an inside job and that we are the creators of our lives.

I understood that to have loving relationships with others I must be happily married to myself.

And like every other being on earth I am still on my way. Loving more, learning more, overcoming my fears and making new experiences. 

I am here to be the most loving version of myself.

Yours La

My training

1998 – 2001 Education as an occupational therapist

2005 – 2006 Training as a crystal healer 

2007 – 2007 Training as an Alpha Chi Consultant (meditation teacher and Feng Shui consultant) 

2009 – 2009 Training as a family constellation/ systemic work consultant

2008 – 2010 Training as a spiritual teacher 


Work life in Germany

2001 – 2010 Therapy with children

2008 – 2010 Guiding my one meditation cirkel and spirituell seminars.


Work life in Sweden

2010 – Continue to work with my German based coaching business.

2011 – 2013 Working with people with psychic problems.

2013 – 2018 Working as a occupation therapist

2019 – Starting my Sweden based business as a Online Coach and Forest bathing guide.